Nursing process planning in Community service Week 2 DQ

Nursing process planning in Community service Week 2 DQ

Nursing process planning in Community service Week 2 DQ

This is similar to the issues with the other drafts. Although you demonstrate your understanding of the steps of the nursing process, you fail to apply them to the community.

Write one page of paper in the nursing process on “planning” in an APA format.

Topic: Nursing process planning in Community service. Include your goals in the planning as a nurse.


Write another one page of paper in nursing process on Implementation in an APA format.

Topic: Nursing process on implementation in Community.

All together is two separate paper you will be writing.

This is similar to the issues with the other drafts. Although you demonstrate your understanding of the steps of the nursing process, you fail to apply them to the community.


This is the research from the community of Ridley Park Pennsylvania I did. You need this research to do the nursing planning and implimentation papers. I will attached the rubric for the nursing planning and the nursing implimentation paper.




Nurses must be able to knowledgeably plan services for individuals, families, and the community. To effectively develop a care plan, it is essential that the nurses are aware of the resources specific to the community a client resides in to allow for identification of health-related resources and to understand gaps in services. A windshield survey is conducted from a car and provides a visual overview of a community. Other online resources such as Google Earth and can be used to collect data as well. Conditions and trends in the community that could affect the health of the population with a focus on well older adult should be noted. This data provides the information to then make appropriate nursing diagnoses and plans of care. Information gathered from this survey should be added to this template. Please upload the completed document in Canvas assignments when due.Nursing process planning in Community service Week 2 DQ



Are the boundaries geographical, political, or economic?

Do neighborhoods have names?

Are there sub-communities?

How are these identified?





Document findings of assessment in this column


Ridley Park seems to have political boundaries; it is a very small town so there are not any sub-communities.

Housing and Zoning

What is the age of the buildings? Are the residences single family or multifamily dwellings?





Most of the buildings were built in the early 1900s to mid-1900s.Most of the homes are single family homes.
Signs of Decay

Is the area well maintained or in disrepair? Is there garbage strewn? Are there trashed/abandoned cars, places for rodents or other wildlife to hide, vacant lots?




Ridley Park is a well maintained neighborhood.
Parks and Recreational Areas

Are there play areas for children and adults? Are they safe and maintained? Is there a Community Center? Who uses them?



Seniors have bingo and cards every Monday evening at the Borough hall, it is handicap accessible and well maintained. There are parks and playgrounds for the children and they are well maintained.
Common Areas

Where do people collect for social gatherings; where do they “hang out”? Are they for particular groups or are they open to all? Are there signs posted?



The people at Ridley Park Pennsylvania collect for social gathering at “Ridley Creek State Park” They hang out at the Ridley Creek state Park and they are open to all groups of people and yes there are sign posted.

What stores (grocery, retail, drug, dry cleaning, etc.) are in the area? How do residents travel to them?



They have various grocery and retail stores, supermarkets and other establishments to procure essential goods such as food, medicine, hardware and even laundry. Some of these places include Lidi, Walmart, Royal Farm, Acme market, victory cleaner, target, Swiss Farm, and ShopRite. People travel via automobile, bikes, motorcycles or and walking if they prefer.

How do most people get around the area? Is there public transportation? If so what kind and does it appear to be used? Who uses it? What is the condition of the streets, roads, highways?



People get around the area with buses, trains, cabs, cars and bicycles. Yes, there is public transportation. They use cars and buses mainly. They people in the community use it. The conditions of the street, roads and highways are well maintained and are in good condition.

Is there evidence of local and national newspapers to other media? Are there informational posters on streets, busses, billboards, etc.?



Yes there is an evidence of local and national newspapers to other media in Ridley Park Pennsylvania. Yes there are information posters on streets, buses, and billboards etc.
Service Centers

What services are available in the community – health care, social services, schools, employment offices etc.?




The services which are available for the community in Ridley Park-Pennsylvania are:

1. Healthcare: Taylor hospital

2. Social Services: Hetzel Park and Ridley Park police department.

3. School: Ridley middle school

4. Employment offices: United State Postal Service-Ridley Park.

People in the Community

Who is in the area during the day? What evidence is thereof particular “classes” of people – upper, middle, working, lower?



The people in Ridley Park and also other people from various states are in Ridley Park during the day. Their particular classes of people are the upper class of people in Ridley Park.
Elderly in the Community

Are there community resources available for older adults such as?

Services that support aging in place (for example church support/faith community nurses)


Age-friendly affordable housing for low- and middle-income older adults


Independent living facilities for high-functioning older adults


Senior centers that promote social engagement for those older adults at risk of isolation


Assisted living facilities for older adults with some activity of daily living deficits


Long-term care facilities for older adults with limitations in activities of daily living























There are four churches in Ridley Park Pa, Christ Church Ridley Park located at 104 Nevin St, Ridley Park United Methodist Church, located at 501 N Swarthmore Ave, Hope Community Church of Delaware County located at 19 E Ridley Ave and lastly, First Baptist Church located on E Ridley Ave. Nursing process planning in Community service Week 2 DQ


There is some affordable housing but it is not age-friendly.



There are no high-functioning facilities in Ridley Park Pa but there are some in neighboring towns.


There is senior Community Services located in the neighboring town right outside of Ridley park at 600 Swarthmore Ave, Folsom PA.


There are no assisted living facilities for older adults in Ridley PA , but there are many in the neighboring towns.



There are no long-term care facilities for older adult in Ridley PA, but there are many in neighboring towns.


What are the major industries located in the area? What types of occupations are evident?



Major industries located in the area would be health care, Educational Services, and Finance and Insurance. Some occupations that are evident in health occupation: