NR506NP Week 8 Assignment: Advocacy in the International Community

NR506NP Week 8 Assignment: Advocacy in the International Community

NR506NP Week 8 Assignment: Advocacy in the International Community

Dr. T and Class,

As nurse practitioners, our ability to make informed decisions regarding our practice and patient outcomes is essential for providing high-quality, effective care. One way we can achieve this is through employing systems thinking. Berwick et. al. (2018), explained that systems thinking drives continual improvement in the delivery of care. By employing systems thinking, providers can anticipate needed care rather than just be reactive to needs as they develop. This can be accomplished by continually learning and by staying informed and up to date on current research and technology, ensuring that the care we deliver is evidence-based and relevant to the situation. (Berwick, 2018). On a global scale, informed decisions can be facilitated by joining professional organizations that advocate for global healthcare and policy change. Collaboration with other healthcare professionals around the world can also help us to understand what global practices are and allows us to integrate that knowledge into helping us decide on best practices, as well as allowing us to share our knowledge with others across nations.

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As I progress in my education and enter the clinical setting the information, I learned in NR 506NP will be very valuable in helping me to understand and recognize policies that affect my practice as an NP. In the clinical setting, it will be critically important for me to understand the state regulations that define what I will be able to do as an NP. This knowledge will help to guide my learning as I progress through the rest of my courses and help to keep me from practicing outside of my scope of practice.

This class has also taught me a great deal about the importance of using leadership skills successfully to advance my profession and influence changes that will improve patient outcomes. Transformational leadership styles have been shown to not only empower and motivate teams, but they can also have a powerful effect on improving healthcare. (Collins et. al., 2018). As I enter the professional world as a nurse practitioner, I plan to utilize the concepts I learned regarding transformational leadership in my practice setting to inspire and motivate the teams I work in. By doing this I hope to help improve productivity and quality of care which will positively influence patient satisfaction as well as lead to improved healthcare for those I serve.


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