COVID-19 Pandemic and the mental health impact DQ 3

COVID-19 Pandemic and the mental health impact DQ 3

COVID-19 Pandemic and the mental health impact DQ 3

The selected topic that I have found for my paper will be focused on the COVID-19 Pandemic and the mental health impact that it has had on healthcare professionals.

My research on the articles I have selected focuses on COVID-19, the mental status of healthcare workers, and the state of mind they are in returning to the workplace since cases have declined.

The articles that I selected primarily focus on the COVID-19 Pandemic. Plenty of articles speak of the mental health that healthcare workers are in at this time and even when the Pandemic was starting and at its peak.

Even workers who were not fortunate to be able to stay home dealt with a lot of mental, emotional, and physical stress. Seeing and hearing about death is one thing, but experiencing its hard to explain and deal with.

Like many healthcare professionals, this is why it is very important to shed light on these heroic people who stayed within the workplace despite the stress they were burdened with and understand why they need as much assistance to work through the stress of the profession they choose to honor.

Response 2.) Tomeka

The topic I am interested in for completing my dissertation is African American Females Self Efficacy On Advancement Opportunities in Higher Education in Rural South Mississippi.

The problem to be addressed in this qualitative descriptive study is African American females lived experiences on advancement opportunities in higher education and efficacy: a descriptive study.

According to Nikki Katz, African American females have the most post-secondary education compared to other ethnic groups (Katz, 2020). However, although African American females have the most post-secondary education, they are often underrepresented in higher positions in Rural South Mississippi.

I want to focus on self-efficacy, sources of information: personal experience, observation, encouragement, and emotion for women in rural South Mississippi, and determine what advancement opportunities were available for their leadership development.

The study will explore lived experiences of African American females who have succeeded as leaders in higher education. The related articles to my topic will give me supportive information to support my qualitative descriptive study, such as,

How do African American Females Describe Their Self-Efficacy As Leaders in Rural South MS?

Self-Efficacy of African American Women in Leadership Roles

African American Women Leaders in Higher Education

Self-Efficacy, Motivation, and Academic Adjustment Among African American Women Attending Institutions of Higher Education

Inventing Ourselves: a scholarly essay for Black female scholars in educational leadership.


Katz, N. (2020, June 19). Who are the most educated women in America? Black women. ThoughtCo. (Links to an external site.)

Requirements: 100 words each