CAHIIM Competencies Essay 5

CAHIIM Competencies Essay 5

CAHIIM Competencies Essay 5

Part 1: Evaluate the culture of the City Hospital HIM Department:

Background: City Hospital HIM Department employs 17 people. Only one male employee, Ralph, is 74 years old and processes the disclosure documentation for the department. He keeps to himself because he feels that the other employees think he is slow and they have nothing in common.

Seventeen-year-old Celine is a recent high school graduate who goes to school at night, enjoys social media, and has a best friend who is getting married to his boyfriend this summer, and it’s all Celine talks about.

Teal is a 27-year-old hard worker who is always 7 minutes late for work in the morning and spends the first 15 minutes at her desk putting on her make-up for the day. When she finally starts working, she gets a lot done and outperforms the others in her department. Teal speaks English as a second language, which is hard for others in the department to understand.

David is a 54-year-old department manager putting in his time before his retirement in 4 months. David is a family man who believes strongly in his church’s beliefs and often shares his church doctrine with his employees during their annual evaluations.

Name of Employee

Potential Bias/prejudices

What training could help the department and the employee with cultural awareness?


Generational differences

Sample answer: Ralph should receive competency training on generational differences


Celine and David may have conflicts because of their different beliefs


Others may think she is not as intelligent or able because of the language barrier.


Religious beliefs

Part 2: List the key points you would include in diversity training for the departmental staff. Include EEOC and ADA requirements in training. I need the answer to this Question What training could help the department and the employee with cultural awareness? For Celine Teal and David and answer part 2.


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